Let us keep you warm!

warm hoodie

It’s December, which means that it’s getting colder, but with Panic the label you’ll stay warm as if it’s spring. It’s important to take care of yourself. That is the basis of our human instinct, but still the majority of the population doesn’t always listen to it. Mostly due to a lack of free time, […]

All men wear polos!

sustainable polos

Sounds like a commonly used headline, but it’s not. ‘Real men wear polos’, that’s a commonly used headline. As if you’re not a real man when you don’t feel comfortable wearing a polo. We don’t agree with this. Every person is different, so there can’t be one item that fits everyones style. Let alone count […]

This is Vinitha!

We are all in Panic, Panic the label. And we’re in it with a purpose!  We feel a responsibility to offer a good garment, stylish, in a good sustainable quality. And, more important, we feel a responsibility towards all the people that are working to make your garment. For Panic the label it’s not about the […]

We’ve got your Back!

Billions of garments are sold every year to customers all over the world. The fashion of today is the waste of tomorrow. That’s why one of the key starting points of Panic the label is to take responsibility in this field. We strive to produce garments in decent factories, under good circumstances, by professional colleagues […]