What does Pan!c the label stand for?

Pan!c the label wants to offer a fashionable quality garment. Made of sustainable materials. Panic the label feels a responsbility towards the people and the planet. We offer everyone that contributes to our brand a fair deal in decent and safe circumstances. Besides that we are aware of the fact that there’s enough consumption in the world. This means that we will take care of what we will bring in the market. Our garments will last. However, if in the end garments are worn out or for some other reasons, not suitable for wearing ‘m, we will ask you to send the goods back to us. We will recycle all materials, so nothing ends up as garbage. That’s what circular fashion is for us.

Why the name Pan!c?

It’s not the easy way we choose at Pan!c the label. We are looking for the best road to a sustainable future, even if that’s a rough one with challenges. We feel that today’s society is a little bit in panic. Sometimes for good reasons and for the right purpose, sometimes for reasons which we doubt in the bigger picture. 

Panic is relevant nowadays in our world and in yours. We feel we are relevant as well. That’s why we choose Pan!c ( the label ) as our name. So concerning your purchase, you don’t have to panic. We took that part. We, at Pan!c, want to make a difference. A striking difference for a right purpose. And we will. That’s a promise.

What does the exclamation mark stand for?

The exclamation mark stands for the way we treat our products, people and the planet. Besides this it simply stands for an “i” in the branding of Pan!c the label. We therefor upgraded the exclamation mark to our logo as well. In The Netherlands, the country where our HQ is based, the translation of the exclamation mark is uitroepteken ! The brand with an exclamation mark; het merk met een uitroepteken !

Are the products produced in a fair manner?

Yes, our garments are produced in a good, certified and decent factory where our colleagues are working in safe and healthy conditions. We can track every single garment  to the individual man or woman who produced it. 

Are the products made of 100% organic cotton?

Yes, our product are made of organic cotton. Some of the used fabrics are mixed with, for example  polyester. In those cases we will try to use recycled polyester or other materials. But most of the items are 100% organic cotton. 

When I return my old Pan!c garment and it's damaged, do I still get the 20% discount?

Yes! We want to reward you for returning your old garment, in order to avoid that it’s simply waste. We make things last. We make garments last. By pushing the materials back in the chain where they are used as raw material again. In most cases we make bags like our own “Back”. So when you return that item, in whatever condition, you get 20% discount  on your next purchase.

Why is Pan!c the label a circulair brand?

We try to complete the circle of raw materials by re-collecting the garments which we sold towards you. Of course we only re-collect the clothing after it’s worn out, or not suitable for any other reason anymore.

Why is Pan!c garment sustainable?

Our items are sustainable, simply because we use 100% organic cotton, and make all possible efforts to recycle the garments after having them re-collected. The materials we get back from our garments are new raw materials for new textile items. In most of the cases our garments will come back in the bag called “Back”.

Why is the bag called back?

The bag that is named Back is made of recycled garments. We try to re-collect the garments we sold to you, once they are worn out, or for whatever reason not suitable for you to wear anymore. The garments are used as raw material for this bag. The raw material is back for our bag. This concept is not only a good example for our sustainable and circular approach, it’s also a good base for a fashionable and convenient bag, our Back!

How can I pay for my order?

We offer 3 payment methods;  You can pay with iDeal, Credit Card and PayPal.

What is the delivery time of my order?

Your order will be delivered within 2-6 business days. For the Netherlands the delivery will be within 1-3 days. Pan!c the label is not liable for any delays during transportation.

How can I track my order?

In most cases we will send your order in a “mailbox-fitting” -carton. You will receive an email with tracking code as soon your package has been sent. With this tracking code you can trace your package. 

What happens with my order when I'm not at home?

For most of our deliveries you will receive a mailbox package. For this, you do not have to be at home. In the exceptional case we will be back a day later or you can pick up your package at your nearest pick-up point.

Can I return items?

If you are not totally satisfied with the items, you can return them within 14 days after you’ve received the package. The items must be returned in their original state and the labels should still be attached.

How long does it takes to get a refund?

For regular refunds we will need 7 days to pay your money back. In exceptional situations it might take a few days longer. The costs of sending the garments back to us will be payed by the sender of the parcel.