All men wear polos!

sustainable polos

Sounds like a commonly used headline, but it’s not. ‘Real men wear polos’, that’s a commonly used headline. As if you’re not a real man when you don’t feel comfortable wearing a polo. We don’t agree with this.

Every person is different, so there can’t be one item that fits everyones style. Let alone count out a man’s manhood because he might not fit in the generalized picture. Panic the label is all about feeling comfortable in your clothes. Every men deserves feeling manly, whatever that means to him.

Polos were designed in the 1920s for the upper classes.They weren’t comfortable, but it represented their wealth. During the years, polos were more and more meant for the other classes too.

Panic the label combines these two worlds by making a diverse range of polos with as key points: comfort and fun. In this way, all men will be able to feel comfortable in a polo. Especially with the new colors: jeans blue (Illinois), thyme green (Illinois), french blue (Illinois) and black (Ohio). And not to forget, the sustainable quality.

So, we can definitely say: “All men wear polos”!