Why men buy and women shop

Panic sweaters

The buying behaviour of women and men. Is there a difference? Yes there is for sure. That bored man on a bench outside the store, you’ve probably seen him more than once. But what exactly are the differences in the purchasing behaviour of women and men? Well, there are a lot.

Research shows that as many as 60% of male shoppers have a ‘store-in-store-out’ mentality. In other words: they want to quickly buy an item and then quickly leave the store. Efficient shopping is most important.

However, women want to find the perfect items and take the time for that. They are more selective and search extensively for a product that exactly meets their requirements. A short red dress with a deep neckline, for example. If they can’t find it, forget it. 

PAN!C as an online clothing store mostly for men wants men to make clear, sustainable and quick choices. There is no doubt about quality, because PAN!C only sells the best. Our website is clear and user-friendly. Exactly what the average man is looking for.

We (Team PAN!C) promise that the clothes you order will be delivered to you as soon as possible. 

This is how we ensure that a man’s wish is our priority 😉