We’ve got your Back!

Billions of garments are sold every year to customers all over the world. The fashion of today is the waste of tomorrow. That’s why one of the key starting points of Panic the label is to take responsibility in this field.

We strive to produce garments in decent factories, under good circumstances, by professional colleagues who are happy and proud to make these garments for Panic the label. Our garments are made of 100% organic cotton, so we grow our raw material without the use of pesticides.

We are convinced we bring a valuable garment on the market. However we realise that, one day, this garment is no langer suitable for whatever reason for you. In that stage we still feel responsibility for what we created and brought in the market. We will take our responsibility by stimulating you to send your and our garment back to us.

In that way we are able to reverse the garment into a new raw material. For example as base for our bag “Back”.

So, we’ve got your Back!