We don’t cross the line of our planet!

Wow! Quiet a headline…
No, we are not a traditional environmental movement. Of course not. We are “just” another supplier of garments. Well, not “just”.

As you ( should! ) know, since a couple decades we, as in the people of the western world, use far more raw materials than earth can supply. In fact we are exhausting earth.
At Panic the label, we want to distinguish ourselves by not taking the shortcuts.

We will follow the complete track. So by producing sustainable fashion, in a quality that will last for several years, we try to contribute to a behaviour of less consumption.
That, combined with the philosophy that we should take back and recycle what was created by us.

In fact we think there is no other option than acting like that. Unless you would like the future generation to face an irreversable problem, caused by us, today.

Our goal is the convince more and more people to buy less but better. That’s what we offer. If that works out well, we will all benefit from it; you, us, future generations and our planet.