This is Vinitha!

We are all in Panic, Panic the label. And we’re in it with a purpose! 

We feel a responsibility to offer a good garment, stylish, in a good sustainable quality. And, more important, we feel a responsibility towards all the people that are working to make your garment.

For Panic the label it’s not about the lowest price. Especially when someone, somewhere on the very same planet as we all live on, is working for her or his family. A mom or dad committed to working on our (and finally your) garments. That’s why we will never ever offer the lowest price. What we do offer is a fair salary towards everybody in the whole chain of production. And that results in a fair retail-price as well.

So, let us introduce you to Vinitha! 

Vinitha is one of our colleagues who is living in the south of India. She works with Panic the label since the very beginning. Vinitha lives and works in Tirupur in the Tamil Nadu Provence, India. She’s doing the sewing of T-shirts and Polo’s and she’s really good at it! Like all her colleagues by the way. You can find out yourself!