Panic the label; just a brand like all the others…

Was this headline written by one of the Panic the label members? The answer to that question is simple. Yes, it was.

And it’s the truth; Panic the label is a brand with lots of ambitions and a strong story behind it, just like all the others. However, there’s also a difference, a big difference. We started the brand the other way around. We did not just start a brand and built a story. We wanted to make a difference, a change.

As every member of our team has been working in the textile industry for many years, we all saw the good things. But on the other hand we also saw a part that could and should need a change. Instead of talking about it, pointing fingers, we decided to make the change ourselves. Because if we could take the lead, by building a responsible and fair brand you could join us by buying the products. So together we can make that change.

We try to make that change every day again by acting like a regular brand, but also doing something more, something special. Unlike all the others.

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