Looking for sustainable boys clothing that is produced in fair way? PAN!C the Label makes organic clothing for boys like sustainable sweaters and organic cotton shirts.

Our ethical clothing is made from high quality sustainable materials such as 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. Our sustainable boyss clothing is created by offering fair salary towards everybody in the whole chain of production, which results in affordable organic boys clothing.

Wearing PAN!C men's clothing instead of fast & cheap fashion (paired with low-paid workers & working conditions), will make a change in the industry. Sustainable fashion isn’t a trend it is the future.

We think waste isn’t waste until we waste it. So we offer garments a second chance. All clothing bought from the PAN!C Label brand can be send back to us. From the clothing you send in we create felt bags, this way we contribute to the shrinking pile of waste and live in a more sustainable world.